Bearded Collie Hipster Cloth Art.

A Shaggy dog story of Tea Towel versus Wall Hanging.

Tidy the dishes or brighten the walls. Colourful living with a smile.
This started life as a Tea Towel but has quickly become widely used as a Wall Hanging (oak hanger is also available to buy).

Illustrated by designer Cherie Jerrard, Inspired by the strange phenomenon of the canine mini-me. Maybe it’s a bearded hipster, accompanied by a little bundle of fur that looks like it went to the same barber, or a pugnacious thug carrying a bulldog. Or perhaps it’s a jogger and her Afghan hound, their long locks flowing in the wind.

Beautifully packaged with a sticker and holographic wrapper.
Soulful products for a colourful life.


Both Hanger & Cloth Art are made locally near my home town here in the UK.




Bearded Collie Hipster Cloth Art.