Go from room to room sketching one or two items. Here's the catch...

You never take the pen off the paper !


Do you happen to have toilet rolls in the house ?!

Save the cardboard center to make your own

Sausage Dog.


You will need some card and the patterns in

the downloadable PDF. 


A great time waster or fun therapy.

Can't wait to see all your attempts.

You can try covering it in paper mache (not tried that yet).


Cherie x  

footshake Greeting !

Chances are if you're over 20 you won't be on tiktok that often if at all. I'm on there but nobody really follows me. I do it for fun after my fitness classes. 

It's great to do because it takes concentration making it impossible to think about the C word. This is the easiest version I've found so far:

Step 1: Music is optional. I've turned it off here but you can find it on my facebook and tiktok with the sound. The song is called Oh Nanana. I recommend downloading it first.

Step 2: Face partner or chair legs if alone.


Step 3: Tap RLRRRLR 

Step 4: Tap outside edge of R foot

Step 5: Right leg steps across and tap Left foot from behind.

Step 6: Touch right foot as returning to original position.

Step 7: Inside of L and outside of L foot.

Step 8: Step across and hit R from behind.

cloud making kit.jpg


Over Christmas I had requests for 'make your own cloud' kits. I sent them on demand and I'm happy to do the same now.


I have kept the cost low  and it will depend how long I have the items in stock. You might want to consider ordering one ready made and then another to make yourself, this will give you a guide to follow. See the selection on the Every Cloud page or Click on this image to take you there.


I can send them direct or to friends & family.  


JOin The dance crowd

crazy times ...

So we are all a little spooked by whats going on.

The feedback I'm getting from the dance and fitness classes is that

you want to keep moving despite being confined.

I'm looking to bring bite size chunks of dance and fitness to do at home. See my daily Lives on the Story section of the Cherie did this instagram.

Push the sofa to one side and shake off the worries ....


Do you remember those flick books you had as a kid. Mix n Match outfits?

I made one of famous faces... maybe you recognise some? 

Answers at the end of the film.

Now your turn... 

No need to make a flick book just A4 images would be good. Have a scout about the house.

Find pictures or photo's. Would you like it to be a family montage, celebrities or a mix of both. 

You can add drawings of your own if nothing available. 

Points to note:

1)Keep the scale roughly the same. If you have a printer / computer / scanner this is easier. Try printing images from a comp the same size before cutting them up.

2)Go for 3 panels as anymore gets confusing.

3)For each image you cut up it gives you 3 options. So with 3 images cut up you will have 3 finsihed combinations to experiment with. I like experimenting with the options which is why I created the book. 

2) You can also do bodies.

Have fun with it ... no rules here just ideas.

Share with me as I'm home too !

Make & Do at Home Treat Box

I've compiled a selection of Cherie did this

products that you can get creative with at home.

Obviously this depends on how long my

current stock levels last.

Send this to anyone who needs some TLC from

afar, a bit of cheer or as a good old fashioned gift. Isolated people have birthdays too.


Some of you have already shared your patches & DIY card creations with me !

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