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A colourful life in design

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About: Inner_about

DEsign consultant

art, Drawing, Sketching, creating

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It’s clear the high street has changed and our shopping habits are very different. When I launched my first clothing 'Slush' back in 2003 I lived in London, I would sell clothes at independent boutiques, Top Shop and feature in magazines and TV.

Cherie did this began in 2017 and I'm grateful that each year brings new and exciting elements, creations and ideas. Our new world means I no longer need to be based in London. I live in Shrewsbury with my daughter Pearl. All designs are made in the UK but they begin life in my loft studio.

My products run for a limited time - when they’re gone they’re gone - no waste !
Quality designs to cherish.

For collaborations / photoshoots / featured artwork / Press contact

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